1. Zwei ganz besondere Konzerte

    Von Ludmila Thiele
    erschienen am 13.09.2017

    Zwickau. Der gebürtigen Zwickauerin und Wahl-Berlinerin Helga von Wangenheim wurde am Wochenende eine ganz besondere Ehre zu teil. Die Professorin für Sprecherziehung an der Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg durfte Platz im Robert-Schumann-Sessel nehmen – für den literarischen Part zweier Konzerte um Robert-Schumann-Haus. Ihre gute Freundin und Kollegin Raminta Lampsatis, ebenfalls Professorin an der Hamburger Musikhochschule, durfte auf dem berühmten Wiener Hammerflügel, der einst Clara Wieck gehörte, Claras und Roberts Stücke zu Gehör bringen….Zusammen mit der New Yorker Sopranistin Darynn Zimmer, Preisträgerin von mehreren Wettbewerben, die in Konzertsälen wie der Carnegie Hall auftritt, gaben die beiden Professorrinnen zwei wunderbare Konzerte, die das Publikum mit großem Applaus zu honorieren wusste…

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  2. “Colors of the Diaspora”

    “…The most complete and unique are the interpretations of the soprano Darynn Zimmer [with guitarist David Leisner]–lovely songs by Italy’s Liliana Treves Alcalay–evoking an imaginary scene for the audience.” Stephen Hastings, Musica magazine, Milano, July, 2012

  3. Savage Nightingale: Opera News

    “…..Darynn Zimmer’s juicy soprano adeptly communicates yearning, and she stops just short of overwhelming the music. She’s got plenty of fire for “El Café de Chinitas” and a delicate touch in “The White Dawn is Stealing.” Guitarist Eliot Fisk delivers some nimble fretwork, while Jed Distler is the sensitive pianist on the Cadman. Percussionist Rex Benincasa contributes snappy castanet-playing in “Anda Jaleo!…”

  4. A virtuoso performance by Darynn Zimmer

    The Shelter Island Friends of Music presented a luminous recital by the soprano, Darynn Zimmer on Saturday night, September 11 at the Presbyterian Church. Ms. Zimmer’s performance revealed a voice capable of an enormous range of musical styles … full article
  5. Savage Nightingale: Fanfare

    “American soprano Darynn Zimmer gives herself a challenge on this selection of folk-song arrangements, from Spain, France and the New World, as they tend to call for different styles of presentation…with a silvery and expressive voice…with impressive agility in the fast music… Zimmer brings them off with a courtly elegance. Even better are the very lovely songs incorporating melodies from the Omaha and Winnebago tribes that were created by the early 20th-century American composer and critic Charles Wakefield Cadman….Zimmer conveys the sweetness and nobility of these songs beautifully, and with exquisitely clear diction. She closes with a rapturous rendition of the famous Riddle Song….”

  6. Lucia di Lammermoor: El Nuevo Herald

    “From the beginning, in the demanding and beautiful title role…the splendid soprano, Darynn Zimmer, whose wide repertory extends from Monteverdi to Glass…showed complete mastery, giving us her rich, velvety tones. In the famous “Mad Scene”, she exercised hypnotic power over the audience by her exquisitely expressive interpretation. Also glorious was the duet of her coloratura soprano voice and the flute…The audience responded with a deservedly grand ovation.”

  7. Lucia di Lammermoor: The Miami Herald

    “Darynn Zimmer made an impressive company debut in the title role, displaying the requisite high voice, flexibility and dramatic range. Her Regnava nel silenzio showed a pure tone and polished technique… (her) soprano soared in a thrilling account of the Act 2 sextet… Zimmer’s rendition of Lucia’s mad scene delivered the top notes securely along with sensitive singing and compelling acting that made Lucia’s tragic end intensely moving.”

  8. Don Pasquale: Greensboro News and Record

    “Darynn Zimmer sang the role of Norina…the epitome of a tasteful, yet full-bodied portrayal of the lover who acts the shrew. Her voice was even from top to bottom and her high notes were brilliant.”

  9. Oiseau Bleu: Le Monde

    “Velvety piano playing weaves a halo around Darynn Zimmer’s exquisite soprano tone…her French perfect in coloration…”

  10. Oiseau Bleu: Fono Forum

    “A daring program….Upon this difficult musical terrain, the young American soprano traverses very respectably. Particularly to be noted: Her ability to make fine pianissimo tones even in the extreme high tessitura.”

  11. Oiseau Bleu: Opera News

    “Darynn Zimmer’s debut recording is classy and eclectic..at first deceptively simple, develops into a virtuosic field-day for the singer….exquisite miniatures…wonderfully performed….Massenet and Gounod, beautifully sung.”

  12. Oiseau Bleu: The Philadelphia Inquirer

    “Zimmer has the perfect voice for this literature – light, unclouded by excess vibrato, and capable of a lovely transparency. Some of her notes are so high and clear, they could have come from the throat of a finely feathered creature….Don’t delay, this disc is a real find.”

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